History Of The Number

Ray Kroc Began posting the number of total hamburgers sold, on it's signs in 1955 when Ray Kroc bought his first McDonald's franchise in Des Plains Illinois. At that time the number on the sign was Over 1 Million Served.

McDonald's Sign Milestones

1955- 1 million (Ray Kroc's first McDonald's opens in Illinois)

1956- 5 million

1960- 400 million

1963- 1 Billion (served by Ray Kroc himself on national tv)

1969- 5 Billion

1976- 20 Billion

1984- 50 Billion

1987- 65 Billion

1990-80 Billion

April 15, 1994- 100 Billion (McDonald's executives announce at the annual owner operator convention that they will stop counting hamburgers served because the count has surpassed the 99 Billion Hamburger mark so all the operators should change their signs to say "BILLIONS AND BILLIONS SERVED" and the signs have remained that way since.


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  2. How were your numbers found? I seem to recall the number being in the tens of millions well into the 60's.

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  4. when kroc opened in 1955, the McDonald brothers had already sold over 15,000,000 burgers

  5. I have a straw from the original mcd in san bernadino that says "over 7 million sold"

  6. you can see that straw on the McDonald collectors club website...which I am webmaster of...all the items there are mine

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